cala llenya tourist area

Cala Llenya tourist area

Pine forests, red cliffs and a beautiful beach lapped by transparent waters come together in this lovely tourist enclave on the northeast coast of Ibiza. Its placid beauty makes this destination ideal for families and travellers seeking peace and quiet.


Cala Llonga tourist area

Just over 5 kilometres away from Santa Eulària des Riu lies Cala Llonga, one of Ibiza’s outstanding tourist areas, always a popular choice for families. The rugged landscape characteristic of this part of our municipality’s coastline provides a stunning backdrop as it cradles Cala Llonga between two pine-covered cliffs.


Es Canar tourist area

Es Canar’s nearness to the town of Santa Eulària des Riu and the hippie market at Punta Arabí, combined with the excellent qualities of its dual beach have made this resort one of Ibiza’s best. It is an ideal setting for families and travellers who prefer low-key holidays and spending time outdoors.

es figueral tourist area

Es Figueral tourist area

Located in the northeast of the municipality, the touristic enclave of Es Figueral is known for its family atmosphere, its lovely surrounding countryside and the beauty of the beach that gives the area its name, one of the best on Ibiza. All that, plus views over Tagomago, make this the perfect setting in which to experience the magic of the White Island.

es puig d’en valls

Es Puig d’en Valls

Within the municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu, the nearest parish to Ibiza is Es Puig d’en Valls, an old farming community now transformed into a well-known residential area. An iconic flour mill from its agrarian past still stands at the top of a nearby hill. This interesting relic from a bygone era provides a good incentive to step outside our daily routines and learn a bit more about island history.



Its proximity to the island’s capital strongly influenced both the birth and subsequent development of Jesús, a village of marked local atmosphere. Its small size notwithstanding, Jesús harbours two jewels of Ibicenco heritage: the altarpiece at its church, Nuestra Señora de Jesús, and the medieval farming plots known as Ses Feixes, a direct legacy from Ibiza’s Moorish period.

s’argamassa tourist area

S’Argamassa tourist area

Fewer than four kilometers separate this small touristic enclave from Santa Eulària des Riu – a convenient distance that makes s’Argamassa ideal for holidaymakers looking for quiet beaches and a relaxed family atmosphere, all within easy reach of cultural and recreational attractions.

sant carles

Sant Carles de Peralta

The sea and the land have shaped this parish in equal measure, making Sant Carles a mixture of Mediterranean landscapes and deep local heritage. It is also home to Ibiza’s two most famous hippie markets as well as a wide variety of traditional restaurants where diners can sample the fruits and harvests of its fields and shores.

santa eulària

Santa Eulària des Riu

An iconic skyline etched by a hilltop church gives northbound travellers their first glimpse of Santa Eulària des Riu. This monumental complex, known as Puig de Missa, is but the first of many captivations to be seen and experienced in this lively seaside town. As an added attraction, Santa Eulària is also home to the only river in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands.

santa gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera is located at the island’s geographic centre. As a crossroads linking north with south and east with west, its centrality has helped create the cosmopolitan atmosphere so characteristic of the village today, even in the off-season.


Siesta tourist area

A hillside known as Can Fita is home to the touristic area of Siesta. This extensive seaside development is surrounded by pine trees and enjoys the advantage of being just a short walk away from the Santa Eulària town centre, which lies just across the mouth of Ibiza’s only river.