Our territory has a marked rural character, as evidenced, for example, in the tilled terraces that line the road to the secluded cove of Cala Mestella; or the red earth around Pla de Es Figueral in the north of the municipality, dotted with almond trees, fig trees and carob trees; or in Santa Eulària’s flour-milling history, a facet of its past that has been preserved for posterity at the Río de Can Planetes Interpretation Centre. On our fertile soil, rich in iron, no less than 80% of the island’s total agricultural yield is grown. And, our organic production accounts for no small part of that harvest; to the contrary, it has become clear that the island is gravitating more and more toward sustainable farming methods that are respectful of the environment.

In addition to potatoes, tomatoes, broad beans, cauliflower, aubergines, figs, citrus and other fruits as well as local vegetables, our shops and restaurants showcase oils and wines from the island, craft beers, cheeses, carob confections and Ibiza’s much-touted sea salt, not to mention local breeds of livestock such as the Ibicenco sheep, the Pitiusan goat and the black pig. Discover the flavours of our land as they weave themselves into traditional island cuisine, where specialties such as sofrit pages, slaughter-day rice and farmer’s potato salad are time-honoured standards. Nor should we neglect to mention the current creations that have evolved out of our chefs’ new combinations of Ibiza’s excellent prime materials.