Santa Eulària’s relationship with art dates back to the end of the 1950s, when the island began to attract beatniks, architects and artists. Many times, what had started out as a simple vacation from routine and societal conventions, ended up as a long-term sojourn or even a wholesale change of residence and lifestyle. A great many of these newly enamored Ibiza converts felt in the island a source of inspiration for their work and creativity. They would often take up residence in old farmsteads, or fincas, dotted across our rural hinterland and, being in relative proximity to each other, would keep in touch and exchange ideas.

Currently, many artists continue to maintain their studios and workshops in our territory, and these are generally open to the public by appointment. The association of visual arts, Art Club of Ibiza, edits an interesting annual publication called La Ruta del Arte, in aid of art-loving visitors who seek to contact artists directly to view their work and acquire pieces.

In addition to art galleries and studios, the many cultural events and markets that take place in our municipality are great showplaces for Ibiza’s artwork. One case in point is a recurring event known as Luna Llena de Arte (Full Moon of Art), which is held every summer in the village of Santa Gertrudis. As its name indicates, every full moon falling between June and September marks the convergence of numerous painters, sculptors and photographers who exhibit a selection of their artwork for public viewing and purchase. The event transpires in the relaxed, convivial atmosphere characteristic of Santa Gertrudis, with live music and plenty of buzz.