The following quality seals revalue Ibiza’s outstanding local products with the aim of promoting their consumption and production as well as stipulating regulatory parameters. Currently, there are many certifications for Quality Labels, all carrying a distinctive seal to distinguish them from non-local production. These denominations are: Anyell d’Eivissa (lamb that is born and raised in Ibiza according to traditional methods), Mel d’Eivissa (honey), Llagosta vermella d’Eivissa (red lobster), Garrova d’Eivissa (carob), Flaó d’Eivissa (cheesecake), Oli d’Eivissa (olive oil), Sobrassada d’Eivissa (sausage made in the traditional way from pigs raised in Ibiza and fed primarily on grain and carob), Peix Nostrum (local fish), Gamba Vermella d’Eivissa (red prawn), Síndria d’Eivissa (watermelon), Ametlla d’Eivissa (almonds) and finally Patata Vermella d’Eivissa (red potato), whose delicate texture and high capacity to absorb and transmit flavours makes it a prime ingredient in the Ibicenco cookbook.

Owing to the combination of Ibiza’s fertile soil and the wisdom of folkways brought down through the centuries, our island has also been awarded two Protected Geographic Indications: Hierbas Ibicencas (herb liqueur) and Vins de la Terra (wine). To experience the unique quality of Ibiza’s wide range of distinctive products, simply take a seat at any of our municipality’s many restaurants and choose from their selection of traditional dishes. In so doing, you will begin your culinary journey through Ibiza’s past and present as you introduce your taste buds to our unsuspected gastronomic treasures. Go ahead! Treat yourself to delicious dishes that will linger in your mouth… and in your memory.