This route is especially accessible for those visitors who are staying right in the town centre of Santa Eulària des Riu, as it starts and finishes in the town hall square. With a level of difficulty classed as medium and a length of 13.9 kilometres, route nº2 of our walking catalogue takes the hiker through rural landscapes that skirt Puig d’Atzaró, whose pine wooded slopes are visible throughout much of the route.

The route takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete and allows walkers to see for themselves what the traditional fountains of Ibiza were like, as it passes right by two fine examples. The first of these, Font de Perella, was built in 1765 and has a crushed stone drinking trough. The second, Font d’Atzaró, is located one and a half kilometres further ahead and dates back to 1761. Despite its very simple appearance, it is one of the most popular fountains on the island, and every 24th June, a type of traditional folk dancing known as Ballades de Pou is undertaken at this site.