You’ll have no shortage of opportunities to indulge your taste buds with a rewarding range of delicious marine dishes. Our coasts have an abundant variety of fish, mollusks and seafood, which logically inclines our cuisine to be strongly sea-based. At the island’s fish markets and restaurants you’ll find a tempting selection, including the delicious red lobster of Ibiza, John Dory, scorpion fish, octopus, squid, ray, grouper, angler, the delectable raor (or cleaver wrasse, which is eaten at summer’s end, floured and fried), greater amberjack, sea cucumbers, Ibicenco prawns…in short, a seemingly endless catch of maritime freshness.

The customary preparation of the more select varieties is usually very simple – a quick grilling with a final flourish of garlic and parsley in olive oil to bring out the flavour. The mixed-fish grill is, without a doubt, one the most popular dishes at beach restaurants, along with paella, rice and fish stews and the delicious bullit de peix, a traditional seafood dish consisting of stewed fish with rice on the side. A real must! Other star dishes in traditional Ibicenco cuisine include borrida de ratjada (a stew made of ray and almonds), fried octopus and squid stuffed with red sausage.