The Santa Eulària River is the only river in the Balearic Islands, a singular feature that runs roughly 17 kilometres from its source in the west of Ibiza to the sea. The steep lie of the land at the river’s origin, where various springs issue forth, causes its current to flow not toward the nearest coast, but rather toward the east, thus giving rise to the river. Known by diverse names as it flows down its western slope, it is not until it reaches lower land that it acquires its popular name: the Santa Eulària River.

The fact that the river carries the name of our municipality and we carry the river in our name speaks volumes about the importance this watercourse has had in our history. Its waters, which flowed continuously until the mid 20th century, irrigated the crops that grew in the Horta of Santa Eulària (‘orchard’ or tillage) and powered the watermills clustered at the foot of Puig de Missa. A good way to discover the vital role it played in our development is to follow the path marked out by the River Route, a simple walkway about three kilometers long. It will guide you through Puig de Missa, the Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza, Pont Vell (the old bridge), Pont Nou (the new bridge) and the River Interpretation Centre Can Planetes, where you can visit a restored flourmill. You will also discover, if you follow the informative panels, one of Ibiza’s most peculiar mythological characters: the fameliar. Small and bald with a big head, this elf could be a great help to farmers by accomplishing a lot of work in a short period of time, but he could also be their ruin by eating them out of house and home. A whole legend revolves around this character. Come and meet him for yourself.